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One of Our London Escorts Speaks Up

One of Our London Escorts Speaks Up girl photo
Many of our clients call and want to know what our girls are really like. They want to know if our girls like their job and if they would continue to be an escort if given the chance to do something else. We asked our girls these questions and one of them spoke up.

I've been an escort in London for almost two years now. I absolutely love it because it's a chance to meet new people and explore life in a new way. I work hard to keep my body in shape and being able to flaunt it in front of men and have them appreciate every inch is exciting. It provides a natural high that I cannot find elsewhere.

Being an escort is something that I love to do. I don't do it because I have to because I'm college educated. One day, I will get a job where my degree will be used, but I don't want an office job right now. Right now, I want to go as far as my looks will take me. Knowing that I can make a man's evening by being in his company is liberating and exciting. One day, my looks may fail me and I will have to rely on my degree, but right now I know I'm hot and there's nothing wrong with sharing my hotness with the world (lol).

There's a certain level of confidence that goes with being an escort because I know I'm objectified the moment I knock on a man's door. I have to be confident standing at the door knowing that I can fulfil his fantasies and that I can be his dream girl. It's fun for me and while I've been told by enough men that I'm hot, it's still nerve racking sometimes. When a guy makes me feel comfortable and treats me like a normal girl, it's easier to enjoy our time together – and that's something I tell clients all the time. The sooner they relax, the sooner we can begin having fun.

I usually have as much fun as my clients do because I'm a people person. I've spent time with men of all ages and all walks of life. Many people would assume that I have preferences, but I really don't. If people let their true personality shine through, it's easy to talk and find common ground. I'm adventurous by nature, so I'll try anything at least once – and once I learn I like it, it's hard for me to get enough of it!

There you have it. One of our escorts have spoken up and told you what she likes and why she likes her job. Many of our London escorts have the same outlook. When you're ready to explore the adventure of calling an escort, it's best to take their advice. Relax and enjoy your time with the girls.

They are going to be confident when they knock on your door, but simply welcome them in and don't make assumptions. Let nature take its course and you will have more fun.

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